Trends to be follow in the year 2016 we want to know
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Trends to be follow in the year 2016 we want to know

We know how SEO plays the vital role and even it will continue further. Till now we know the Mobilegeddon update which helps to reject or slow down the low quality sites.  For interacting with the latest trends can get by undertaking SEO Training with perfect handler. Here we will discuss some of the trends which are going to rule this year.

Video Content :

Usually we are used to posts the written content which contains more more and valuable data. But we are always look for the comfortable level as it is the human nature. Our shifting towards the digital world is the best example for this. So here somebody will get sophisticated by reading more. So if we are uploading the video content will feed the proper knowledge among them. It will clearly explains the knowledge.

Mobile Optimization :

After from the releasing of Mobilegeddon update of google, the recent report says that the mobile searches surpassed the desktop searches. Because we love to use within our hands instead of sitting in front of big screen. Already we know that google i claiming that desktop specific sites is not necessary. So mobile optimization will plays the major role.

Search Queries has been Changed :

Our searches are getting more and more queries from the digital technicians by adding the few layer to the search complexity. The language queries are much different than typed queries. This trend will bring the conversational content.

Social Content :

Social posts will carry value and consideration for any websites. Google deals with the facebook and twitter for searching the news and you may know the results which appear in the search results. In this year more platforms will become more indexed sites which availed to the search engines.

Deep Links for placing with apps:

As for focussing towards the mobile users after the mobilgeddon release,  search engines works for overtake traditional websites value and functionality with the apps. So by placing the deep links with the mobile apps will get more valuable for the sites.

These are the trends which rule this year for getting much more visibility and popularity. Hope you had enjoyed with this useful tips. For getting touch with the latest trends can join with our Best SEO Training Institute in Chennai.

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